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The Union County Community Improvement Corporation is the statutory economic development arm and Lead Economic Development Organization (LEDO) for Union County, Ohio and its various townships and municipalities, including the City of Marysville and the Village of Richwood. Under state law (ORC 1724), the CIC has unique powers and abilities to spur business growth and development by encouraging and promoting the industrial, economic, commercial, and research development of a community or an area.

An innovative, connected, smart-growth economy combining manufacturing, research, agriculture, and retail in communities that provide a familiar sense of place.

Create a supportive environment that champions economic development, community improvement, and business viability to advance Union County’s economy and overall quality of life.



We believe that the key to a successful community lies in providing an environment that supports economic growth and a thriving populace. Without an environment that allows businesses to operate efficiently, public organizations and governments to carry out initiatives, and taxpayers to provide input, economic success is difficult to achieve. It is important that we understand the complex issues facing our businesses and residents, and no other topic is as critical as workforce development. By working together to ensure that businesses, educational institutions, government, and residents (workers) are connected, we are allowing for a seamless exchange of goods, ideas, and human capital. 


The purpose and overriding spirit of this website is to serve as a platform where the private sector can locate resources and workers that contribute to their long-term success. It also goes without saying that we believe that every resident of Union County has the right to access gainful employment and the education/training needed to be an active member of society. 


Today's complex and far-reaching workforce development issues deserve nothing but pro-active and innovative responses. That is why we have dedicated countless hours and resources to launching or supporting programs and resources that support our workforce needs. A few of these initiatives are listed below, while others can be found throughout the pages of this website. 


  • Bi-Annual Union County Wage & Benefit Survey

  • Business-Education Connection Grant Program

  • Columbus State Community College - Marysville Regional Learning Center

  • Friendship City & Japanese Language Courses

  • Marysville Early College High School

  • Marysville Entrepreneurial Center

  • Mobile Manufacturing Training Lab Program

  • Ohio University - Dublin Integrated Education Center

  • Robotics & Advanced Manufacturing Technology Education Collaboratives (RAMTEC) 

  • Union County Job Fair

  • Union County Leadership Institute

  • Various Union County Chamber of Commerce Committees

  • Young Entrepreneurs Academy


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