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Japan-America Society of Central Ohio 

The Japan-America Society of Central Ohio (JASCO) is a non-profit membership association designed to bring the Japanese and American communities together, promote goodwill through the sharing of knowledge about Japan, and provide a forum for informed discussion regarding the Japan-U.S. relationship. 

Japanese Language Arts Programs

Japanese language courses are available to students at Marysville High School, Marysville Early College High School, Bunsold Middle School, and North Union High School. Currently, enrollment exceeds 215 students, making this program one of the largest in Ohio. 

Japanese National Honor Society

Marysville High School recently established a Japanese National Honor Society (JNHS) to serve as a bridge of international understanding between the U.S. and Japan and to promote friendship between the two countries. Eligible students must be in their second year of Japanese Language Arts and maintain a 3.0 cumulative GPA. For more information, please contact Instructor Iya Nemastil

Marysville-Yorii Student Exchange Program

In 2014, the Marysville Exempted Village School District established a Student Exchange Program for students aged 13-15 years. The program typically sends 20 Marysville students to Japan every odd-numbered year, while the District hosts students from Japan every even-numbered year. For more information, please contact Instructor Iya Nemastil

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